Things I learned from programming

When I was a child, I was very lucky because my father always encouraged me to learn new things in many fields. From origin, not only I was a mathematically gifted student who always reach the highest score in any mathematical exam in my school but also I started coding from very early. When I was ten years old, my father bought to me an old computer with a CPU Pentium I (its clock's frequency is 233MHZ) 64 MB of RAM and only 6GB hard-disk. My father told me that: "You can do anything with it even you can make it wrong. When you finish struggling with it is the time you are mature enough to use a new one". My father also took me to chess and it becomes one of the most favourite things I love alongside with programming and mathematic.

In my opinion, Mathematic and Information is two things that the most intelligent people in the world come to learn them. Because of that, everything we learn from Information is all very bright things. Developers create git which are the most intelligent management system I ever seen. How to become a hacker is the most interesting manual about learning and mindset skills in the world.

Brain Storming

carefully, everything is important even the smallest. structure, complex, hacking, knowledge is gigantic and we must try hard everyday, always improve efficient productivity, always motivate yourself.

learn from the smartest human in the world. Learn teamwork and how to work in a team with a high efficient. How to manage a team by tool. How to lead a team.

think different (in programming, in creativity). Hello world, learning skills, reading knowledge must read a book, learn using tools should read a tutorial.